My exchange year at the University of California, San Diego was an amazingly fun and educational experience. The following is a list of the blog posts made of that time.

Course Directory

Here are a list of courses I attended (or sat in on for more than a few lectures), and their associated posts:

Comment on Academic Experience

There were so many classes on exchange that it was always hard to choose.

Spring V1 Planner Subject Selection

Unlisted here are many short-term lectures, events, talks, meetups, student groups, and studygroups. Much more than I could possibly find around Sydney. The amount and variety of opportunities, from an academic standpoint alone, were absolutely astounding. The quantity of offerings also did not degrade their top-notch quality, it was absolutely amazing to be in the presence of leaders in their fields like Don Norman, Lev Manovich and many others.

Exchange Experience

During this time, I had the opportunity to form many of local and international friendships, and took a lot of trips that aren’t posted about on this blog. Perhaps one day I’ll post them up, for now I’ll leave this section in as a nostalgic bookmark to the experience.

Exchange overseas is one of the most amazing University experiences I’ve had and would highly recommend it to others currently studying - especially if you’re in the Australian educational system ;) .