Lit Ecology concept image

Lit Ecology was a concept formed during the course DECO3200 Human Computer Experience Design Studio. It was a side-project from my main project in the course (Secret Lives) with Emila Yang.

Due to the load from our main projects, competitions, and conferences - the concept is currently shelved.


An ecology of flocking fireflies, represented in an eternally reflected room of hanging vines of leds, move and flutter around their environment, jumping from light to light. As humans enter and traverse their domain, they interact with them through responsive movement and sound.


Following a brief play with Arduino and LEDs (video link).

leds hello world

The relevant hardware components were investigated and determined.

A simulation program was created to visualise potential animations (PDE ZIP).


All the while, we continuously searched for technical and aesthetic references.


The full report can be found here, on the 6th page under Lit-Ecology.

[Summarised Presentation (PDF)]


Emila Yang, Hanley Weng