NOTE: This is a cross post of the original blog post of the challenge.

Had a whole heap of fun at the first Sydney Visualizing Marathon Challenge which went from 10am 24th September to Noon the next day.

Really glad that our group decided to focus on producing a static graphic from the get-go, giving us much more time to focus on research (only deciding our final narrative at 3am). This challenge granted us a much better understanding of the issues of Australian Health Care from this challenge, whilst allowing us to meet lots of great people there.

Notably, it was a bit hard for us to step back at times and see the whole picture (even attempting to approach the problem (both research and graphical) from a BFS (Breadth-First) perspective, getting into a DFS (Depth-First) view of the problem was much too easy).

In accordance with our research, we decided to focus on an area of future Australian Health Care that we foresaw requiring aid. Else, we face a Dementia Nation.

Dementia Nation 2031 - Australia - Poster