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This app was the final assignment for DECO3005 (AIXD, Advanced Interaction Design). The concept went through a few iterations before finally landing on the final one.


Overall Process and Concept Presentation [PDF with Speaker Notes] [PowerPoint]

Ground Ideation

After conducting some initial user research and participatory design into people’s core desires, framed in a technologically futuristic and personal-data driven context - I arrived at a couple concepts.

Participatory Design Session 1

Participatory Design Session 3

See the summary for an elaboration on people’s core motivators and resulting ideas. [PDF]

Reminders App

These concepts formulated from the ideation phase eventually formulated into a ‘Reminders’ App.

reminders sketch

reminders mockup gif image [Reminders Mockup GIF] [Reminders Mockup PDF]

ConText (Final Concept)


Future work

Abstractly speaking, the breath of the ideal progressed like so:

Process Idea Breadth

ideally, future iterations would narrow in scope much earlier:

Process Ideal Idea Breadth

AttrakDiff also proved to be a very nice tool for evaluating hedonic and pragmatic qualities, quantifying how user experiences could be improved in future.

Process Evaluation