COMP3608, Advanced Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - has turned out to be an enjoyable and extremely useful course (especially in reflection). Taught by Irena Koprinska, the content really opens up possibilities in projects not traditionally thought of under standard statistics and algorithms.

For part of the course, Weka was used; “a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks”. It’s a pretty nice program that offers a user interface which allows quick access and experimentation with a range of different algorithms.

Two books were used:

There were two main assignments:

  • Assignment 1 - Creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the game Connect-4, in python. [PDF] [Project Zip]
  • Assignment 2 - Creating a Naive Bayesian Spam Filter [PDF] [Project Zip]

Exam Stuff:

  • Sample Exam Paper [PDF]

My final exam notes:

AI exam notes v2 spread