DECO2200 Interaction Design (IxD) was a great course taught by Martin Tomitsch and tutored by Nikash Singh.


  • Tutorials were quite helpful in getting us familiar with:
    • Tools/Structure of the Web (HTML,CSS,JS)
    • Basic Graphics Design
    • The Design Process - including Sketching, brainstorming, and presenting on the importance of feedback

Affinity Diagrams

Brainstorm Sketch of a Microwave Interface

  • Assignments included the redesign of the Cargo Bar Website, research into Social Networks, and the consequent prototype and development of a Social Interface titled ‘Bounce’ (Presentation Slides) with Nadine Denten.

Bounce Presentation Cover Image

  • The class incouraged participation in external activities such as the OzChi Design Challenged, and the Amped Hackathon.

Amped Hackday Event Snapshot

Reading List:

Books - References

Some Favourite Slides:



Interaction Design Characteristics

  • Approaches to Design:
    1. Genius Design
    2. System Design / Technology-Driven Design
    3. User-Centred Design (UCD) <—
  • User Research:
    • Interviews
    • Focus Groups
    • Questionaires
    • Observation
    • Contextual Inquiry
    • Ethnography
    • Cultural Probes

A really awesome class, well taught, learnt a lot, and really great content.