As part of the Computer Human Adapter Interaction Lab (CHAI) in 2011 I was asked to generate a few concepts and assets for horizontal and vertical interactive surfaces.


UI Concepts for the vertical interface ‘file-explorer’ system included a 2D radial interface akin to Daisy Disk, as well as a 3D interface akin to the 3D interfaces seen in John Underkoffler’s Ted Talk Pointing to the future of UI of Minority Report / Oblong Industries fame.

These 2 file-explorer concepts, in addition to a more traditional folder-file concept, were prototyped with the aid of Java, Processing, and Python - to data-mine, procedurally generate, and render the interactive interfaces.


The Cruiser Operating System was also overdue for an update in graphics.

Old Cruiser Assets (Old screenshot)

Some of the updated assets: Icons Collage

In addition to some High-Resolution Backgrounds: Walls Collage

Also created an A4 Printout for the functions of the Cruiser Touchtable Interface: Cruiser Help A4


Overall, a nice opportunity to conceptualise and prototype interfaces, as well as create visual assets.