A2 Visual Musical Instrument - Sound Sonification

DECO1013 Sound Design and Sonification was taught by Professor William Martens, and tutored by Adrian Lombard.

The readings were rather varied and quite theoretical, often consisting of research papers.

Our learnings from the course could be summarised in the assessments using MaxMSP:

A0: A brief critique of the sound design of a scene in a movie (in this case: Kill Bill).

A1: A Sound Sonification assignment. Mine focused on sound designing the tones heard by a digital phone dial pad. (Headphones Recommended)

Introduction: A relatively new form of mobile technology is the touch phone. Prized for its aesthetic form it is gradually growing in popularity. Unfortunately, the development and research of future concept phones composed of touchable materia is exceptionally slow, and as such, one of the most modern forms of mobile technology is such a visual-based phone, with no standards in Audio User Interface (AUI) and often lacking in that area with its overall interface. The purpose of introducing a useful AUI to a touch phone is to hopefully introduce its importance within touch devices, spotlighting its ability to aid people in multiple situations and relieving stress undertaken by the mobiles sole reliance on the visual sense. Such an AUI would also be compatible and easily adaptable to all phones, button based phones, as well as touch capacitive buttoned phones.

A1 Report Thumbnail

A2: A Data Sonification was the final assignment. I elected to transform a users’ gestures and movements in front of a camera into a live tool or musical instrument.

Goal: To provide a new perspective of our physical surroundings via the conversion of visual data into sound. Presented as an interactive system.

Video of the Final Data Sonification - In Action:

The Full Report:

A2 Data Sonification - Musical Instrument Report

Internal Images and Video of the (downloadable) Final MaxMSP Patches.zip:

A2 - Sonification_ZoomedOut

A2 - mixer(20)_ZoomedOut

Overall a tremendously fun, and flexible, course with a great balance of theory and practice.