Final SpaceCraft and Earth Image

DECO1008 3D Modelling was undertaken as part of the core subjects in Design Computing. It taught us the basics of 3D modelling, using Maya.

Tutorials in Labs allowed us to practice such basics as lighting, bump-mapping, modelling, photo-realism, and uv-mapping. Programattic (e.g. recursive) Modelling seemed intriguing.

W4 - lab03b COLD HOT

W5 - MasterTask5

W6 - bar_scene1a

W8 - _spaceCraft_wk8

W9 - stars

W10 - book+pen

W11 - _UV_ed

For our final assessment, we had to pick and model one photorealistic scene. After an initial design proposal, I elected to model a spacecraft with the Earth in the background. [Maya Files]

3 plane image

Final SpaceCraft and Earth Image

Overall, though the course was inadequately taught (with terribly outdated and non-customized materials) - there were plenty of resources on the web. The subject-matter of 3D modelling itself was fun and interesting.