ARIN2630 Digital Arts was undertaken in 2009, and taught by Dr Kathy Cleland.

There were various short readings throughout the course, no core texts.

Assignments included:

1: Art Review on the Artwork “The Hosts”

The Hosts Art Review

2: An essay on a new form of art practice enabled by digital technologies. 3 Page Essay ‘Data Visualization’.

3: A group presentation, with Alex, Siera, and Greg - proposing an Art Exhibition. Our Exhibition centred around the theme ‘hu-man’.

‘Hu-man’ is designed to allow the viewer a unique and unconventional approach to an exhibition experience.

[Flash Presentation] - click on the left/right edges to progress.

Hu-man Presentation Slide 2

Overall an interesting course, well taught and tutored, good readings, with intriguing content.