Design Programming was an excellent subject taught by Rob Saunders - melding both the visual and technical design worlds. Our classwork involved learning Processing and concepts such as visual generative design.

Assignment 1 - Static Image (Earth)

Earth Image

“My goal for this assignment was to present the dire issue of humanity’s exponential growth in population, and also their growing destruction of the environment which is needed to sustain them, and hence without it, they will eventually destroy themselves.”

Earth Collage

Snapshots along the way:

Processing Pic - 3D Buildings Snake Spider starStage

[Processing Code .PDE]

[Draft Writeup]

Assignment 2 - Moving Image (Frog)

Frog Snapshot frame 8850

The brief of this assignment was to create an animated sketch from code. I elected to work on a looping sequence titled “A Frog’s Life”


[Processing Code .ZIP]

big bang background image

Assignment 3 - Interactive (Game)

A multiplayer Pacman-like game was created. Would’ve loved to have devoted more time to this - notably on the graphics, but still learnt a lot from it.

Processing Game

[Processing Code .ZIP]

Overall: “Through this project, in conjunction with class, I learnt a great deal. Taking in very important and useful aspects of arrays, classes etc. And the importance of programming scheduling, mindmapping, and having a structured thought process.”