Well, this summer has certainly been exciting with Apple’s release of ARKit and Google’s release of ARCore!

Right now, designing for AR can be hard because traditional sketching tools are too different to the medium. VR/AR rigs like the HTC Vive are also expensive.

I’ve also not seen many templates for the community to reference in their prototypes, so I built some:

Augmented Reality has the potential to be pretty powerful when combined with Machine Learning. Unfortunately, there’s no projects that currently show CoreML combined with ARKit in realtime. So I wrote a CoreML in ARKit demo for anyone to reference.

Creators also need an easy guide to test out their own objects, so a ‘Create your own Object Recognizer’ template and Tutorial was written. (Using the quick example of recognizing one’s own hand 👋)

Visions of the AR future wouldn’t be complete without thinking about head-worn AR 🤓. So here’s a quick ‘ARKit Headset’ template - for anyone to dump in their own models, prototypes, or build out their own apps. Pairs well with Google Cardboards (with a camera hole cut out), or the Merge VR/AR headsets.

Have fun!