As a fun excercise organised by Grumpy Sailor, we headed to Bobbin and Ink (lovely people) to do some screen printing!

T-Shirt Photo


First we had to design what we were going to screenprint. As a fiver (part of the Google Creative Lab 5), we decided to each print something to do with ‘5’.

Being into C4D at the time, I went browsing for a bunch of interesting tutorials that I could apply.

However, upon degrading the resolution and making things black-and-white, I realised that C4D, whilst great for detailed intricate designs, wasn’t the best tool to design a screenprint.

I then got into sacred geometry, finding particular inspiration in the Metron Cube as it could be used to represent a lot of meaningful numbers in this context.

Then I proceeded to create a parametric template for a metron cube in Processing.

The parametric nature allowed dots, lines, outlines, etc. to be easily adjusted for the composition I desired, highlighting the inner dodecahedron. The final image was photoshopped/projected over a body at different sizes to get a feel for the desired final size.

Finally we screenprinted out our designs at Bobbin and Ink!

screen printing image