adrift cover image

In a room washed with white light, edges and corners chamfered out, fog machines create a space devoid of visual distance. This is a space that plays tricks on all senses. Traces of people, real and digital, flow through the area. A ganzfield effect is induced — was that me in the distance? Silhouettes seemingly appear through the haze, as a recursive mirror reflection of the present. As travellers come and go, from digital observers to muddy footprints, the space remembers them all, adding us all to a record of time with logarithmic significance *.


room setup


This small experiment was undertaken with Mark C Mitchell whom was also a Creative Coder.

We retained a moodboard that we curated throughout the design process:

devart moodboard

We didn’t quite finish, but it was a good intro into the repository workflow process whilst being a fun casual collaboration.

The following is a video of an effect that utilised people being blurred and faded. When projected onto a white wall and stared at, an odd effect epheremal effect is induced.


Mark C Mitchell


Java, Processing